Eco friendly

Woodlands Pattaya has always taken a positive approach to the environment by implementing various eco-friendly practices. These initiatives concentrate on minimizing our properties impact to the environment. As global citizens we are all responsible for the condition of the planet and every effort counts. Woodlands is also a Green Leaf Foundation member.

Eco friendly


Organic compost

Woodlands turns old leaves and other gardening waste into organic compost, this essentially eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and allows our compost to nurture the native flora of the property's tropical landscape.


Garbage management

All glasses, plastics and papers are sorted out on a daily basis then kept into a sorting area. Each week these are handed-over to a local collector, which then process them to a recycle factory in the Chonburi area. This initiative reduces the property waste output as well as providing a living for a local family.


Water treatment

In an attempt to conserve water consumption, Woodlands is equipped with a waste water tank, which partly recycles the water, which then can be re-used to keep the gardens healthy.


Bed linens and bathrooms towels

One of the basic environmentally friendly practices at Woodlands relies on guest cooperation and their choice of whether or not to re-use bed linens or bathroom towels. The choice of not changing bed linen or bathroom towels on a daily basis considerably reduces power, water and detergent consumption.


Light bulbs

Whenever possible Woodlands uses low watt powered light bulbs in order to reduce the amount of energy used.


Detergent usage

While we must use detergents on a daily basis to cope with the operational cleaning process, one environmentally sound initiative that certainly makes a difference has been the installation of detergent dispensers for our stewarding washing machines. This measures the correct amount of detergent in relation to water content and eliminates the need for repeat rinsing.


Waste management

One major initiative to help control waste management is to save all food scraps from each restaurant outlets in large containers that are collected on a daily basis to be used as food source for livestock within the Chonburi area. This service has a two-fold effect in reducing the Resort's waste output as well as providing some farmers with free and nutritional food for their livestock.

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